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Donatella BERNARDI and Noémie ETIENNE, Eternal Tour. Short Guide, Genève, june 2008.


Lucie Stella Hofer




Autors : Donatella Bernardi (CH/IT) et Noémie Etienne (CH/FR)

Photography : Adrien Buchet (CH)

Graphic design : Rollergirl (CH/NL)

Coordination : Asuman Kardes (CH/TR)





The network of Academies and Institutes in Rome
constitutes an Eurocentric map which reproduces on
a smaller scale the continental divisions of Nation-
States. But within these entities, and along the paths
connecting them, the bursars–today’s heirs of the eighteenth century Grand Tourists–have the opportunity
of recreating the city as an in-between space caught in
a transnational and cosmopolitan evolution.
While the notion of cosmopolitanism goes back to
Antiquity, it was during the Enlightenment that
it was defined and interpreted in a most thorough
way. Today when our continent–with the exception
of Switzerland–dreams of constructing Europe, we
must urgently confront the post-national question in
order to understand Europe’s future, its premises and
the obstacles that await it. This is what the artistic
and scientific festival “Eternal Tour” purposes to do
in its first Roman edition, structured in several chapters
: Boomerang Effect, Carte blanche, Janus Bus,
Migratour and Peace Theorema. Can one escape one’s
country? What does travelling mean? Who travels? Is
it by choice or by force? By what means and at what
speed? What return is possible? Can one go back to
the same country one has left behind? Has the bursars’
world anything to share with the world of migrants?
What sort of relationships do the latter entertain with
the city of Rome? Do they appreciate its architecture ?
Do they also indulge in tourism?

Several texts inspire our reflections, among them
Kant’s Project for Perpetual Peace in which the philosopher declares himself a «citizen of the world»
or Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism
which criticizes the principles of the Rights of Men
inherited from the Enlightenment and distrusts universalising utopias, suspected of curtailing identities.
The notion of visitors’ rights, developed by Arendt
on a cue by Kant, will be our basis for reaffirming the
legitimacy of circulating between places, countries,
ideas and related areas.





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 Adrien Buchet








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