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Movies, sounds, installations about immigration.





Rome has been for centuries a city which included a high number of foreigners: travellers, people passionate for its historical heritage, workers; people here for short or long terms it doesn't matter much.


What does matter is that today the city still lives on its "multipolar" attitude, hosting on the total percentage of its population a rate of 6,9% of foreigners (rising the average italian one of almost 2 points).


All of them contribute to reshape the city its urban territory and its life.


To the interactions in between people we fully believe and to these interactions we want to give visibility through out project.





puce Portico 47 / Association Apollo 11 (

Portico 47 est le nom que s’est donné un groupe de poètes, chanteurs et conteurs originaires de différents pays. Fondé à Rome dans le quartier de l’Esquilin, où les italiens sont une « minorité ethnique », il est né de l’impulsion donnée par l’association Apollo 11 aux parcours de de vie présents dans quartier. La poésie devient alors un prétexte pour explorer la langue et les mots, pour susciter la rencontre entre individus issus de différentes cultures


puce Gruppo Richiedenti Asilo Roma (RAR) (

RAR is a group un groupe d’accueil se réunissant deux fois par semaine pour essayer de palier au manque d’un centre d’acceuil de jour pour les requérants d’asile à Rome. Un petit groupe de rencontre et de débat s’est constitué, mais celui-ci ambitionne de trouver l’espace necessaire pour se développer.

puce Il Cantiere delle storie, voci dell’immigrazione / Premio Solinas (

puce Emiliano Aiello (IT) / Artist, sound engineer


puce Raphaël Cuomo (CH) & Maria Iorio (CH) / Artists


puce Karin Tikkanen (SE) / Theorician, Latiniste, Uni. Uppsala


puce Laura Lavorato (IT) / juriste


puce Manuele Lombardi (IT) / Artist, sound engineer


puce Enrico Natale (CH/IT) / Historian


puce Monica Postiglione (IT) / Theorician, urbaniste







A. Inte(g)razioni

Will be aimed to collect experiences, feelings and expressions on contemporary migratory phenomenons in Rome.


The lyrics, spoken by the same authors, will be reproduced, recorded and made available for the audience during the Festival at the Swiss intitute, in Rome. Living portrait of the transforming city.

The recordings will be followed by the projection of two essay-movies about migration in Italy.

Participants :

Portico 47 / Associazione Apollo 11

Gruppo RAR

Emiliano Aiello (IT) / Artist, sound engineer.

Films :

Premio Solinas / Il Cantiere delle storie, voci dell’immigrazione.

Raphaël Cuomo (CH) & Maria Iorio (CH) / artists



B. Sonospitalità


Will launce a research on audio-environments, which catches the ear of the listener in his walk through rome.They will all be recorded and further on shared from the Culture Institutes and Academies in Rome.

Participants :

Manuele Lombardi (IT) / Artist, sound engineer.

Emiliano Aiello (IT) / Artist, sound engineer.



Noémie Etienne (FR/CH)


C. Obelischi di Roma


IHas as its focus the obeliscs spread through Rome. As portraits of a tour which has by force taken them far from their countries of origin, to trigger a reflection about their roots and their current placement.

Participants :

Karin Tikkanen (SE) / D.Phil. student of Latin, University of Uppsala, member of the Institute of Sweden.

Enrico Natale (CH/IT), historian.



For more information, please contact us to the following :


Dates: 3 to 13 July 2008





 Premio Solinas

Il Cantiere delle storie, voci dell’immigrazione

 Association Apollo 11 / Portico 47
Poets, singers and story tellers from different countries.


 Groupe RAR - Richiedenti Asilo Roma
Group of support to asylum seekers.






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