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One of the project is called "Janus Bus" named after the Roman god Janus, guardian of doorways change, transition and movement. This vehicule will be an integral part of the Eternal Tour project but will function autonomously: its mobility shall be used to spread information about the project among Roman citizens and tourists. In order to encourage the idea of movement throughout the city it will follow a different pace than that of pedestrians or cyclists : it will travel across the city linking the Gianicolo to the Villa Borghese Parc. Its ability to carry a certain amount of passengers should be taken into consideration.

The design and content (exhibition within the bus, mobile library, bar, projectors, etc...) are completely left to the initiative of the artist/thinker/collective.


Two projects have been chosen, The league of Imaginary Scientists (US) and Microsillons (CH).





Progetto #1

Janus Bike Tour / The League of Imaginary Scientists




Collettivo artistico e scientifico The League of Imaginary Scientists:
in collaborazione con la psicogeografa Liz Kueneke

Il Janus Bus è ora il Janus Bike Tour!


For the Janus Bike Tour, psychogeographer Liz Kueneke and art and science collective The League of Imaginary Scientists, along with Romans everywhere, construct A Mobile Timeline of a Place Called Rome.


“The city is a space-time and not only a projection of a social structure, of a global society in mere space.” - Henri Lefebvre, from De lo Rural a lo Urbano Cycling Through Rome(s) is an adventure through time and across countries, located on the Janus bike path along the Tiber River. The bike tour presents the re-history of Rome, where place shifts and viewers find themselves transported around the globe in different versions of Rome. Cyclists along the Janus path travel along a moving timeline, guided by an audio tour and map that draw parallels to other places named Rome or Roma located around the world. There are 21 known Rome’s on planet Earth, and one in outer space! There’s Roma, Romania and Roma, Sweden, Roma in Lesotho, Africa and one in Indonesia. You can visit Roma in Australia, Ecuador and Mexico, and in eleven states in the U.S. There’s even a Rome in Belgium, and a Roman asteroid – 472 Roma – in space.


Rebuilding Rome is the on-line portal to the Mobile Timeline’s interactive city-building project. is a digital narrative compiled and updated live by text message or internet-based contributions. The constantly shifting timeline is a real-time construction of Rome broadcast over the Internet. Long-distance dreamers and visitors to Rome can read and contribute to the story of the city over time. Rome’s story is a re-history collectively written by people from around the globe and from different economic strata. These collaborators become architects of the eternal city through excerpting key moments, memories, and invented narratives about the city. The city’s new mythology reflects a real and imagined Rome, an Eternal City built on personal perspectives that change over time.


call for proposals, (pdf, 336 Ko)










Project #2

Bureau mobile – Roma / Microsillons





A microsillons project with: Laura von Niederhäusern, Christian Tarabini, Elia Buletti, Izet Sheshivari, Jean-Marie Reynier, Marianne Guarino-Huet, Olivier Desvoignes


Since 2005, microsillons uses art as a way to open some spaces to think, critic, create and make research. Taking art as a starting point, the group tries to raise questions, in a broad political sens. According to the situations, microsillons uses work tools inspired by the fields of curating, critical studies, design or performance. In order to raise questions about today’s society, the collective collaborates with specialists from various fields.

During the Eternal Tour, microsillons will set a series of interventions in Roma streets and institutions, in order to forge links between the Festival and the town’s users, romans or tourists. Several actions, related to the questions of center and periphery, of cartography, of tourism, or of frontier, will be led using the ressources of Bureau Mobile and microsillons.

On the second of July, a radio show recorded from the Col du Simplon - one of the highlights of the Grand Tour – will celebrate the beginning of the project. This show will be broadcasted in Roma the following day.

Using the mobility of the Bureau Mobile, the team will then drift in the streets of Roma and collect stories from its neighbourhoods, project movies or propose to tourists to replay traditionnal souvenir-paintings from the former Grand Tour. Collaborations with local artists - musical performances for example - will be organised. The Bureau Mobile will carry a small library focused on the subjects developped during the Festival. A poster relating the whole Bureau Mobile - Roma experience will be produced and displayed.




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