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The Eternal Tour association is composed of  :

Eternal tour association


Founded in 2007 in Geneva, the Eternal Tour association wishes to facilitate the achievement of scientific and/or artistic events, mainly in the context of a festival organized each year. The association’s name is linked to the city of Rome, where the first festival will be held in the summer of 2008, as well as to the Grand Tour, this initiatory journey accomplished through Europe during the eighteenth century, and the project’s historical frame of reference. The association aims to promote a reflection on the concept of cosmopolitanism, its relevance as well as its pitfalls in the twenty-first century, independently of national or disciplinary preconditions. By fostering partnerships with both public and private institutions, it seeks to subsidize and spread all contributions which may enrich research on issues of movement, territories and borders.

Eternal Tour Association statutes (pdf, 312 Ko; in french)


Donatella Bernardi

Born in 1976, Donatella Bernardi lives and works between Geneva and Rome. After finishing in parallel the Ecole supérieure des Beaux-arts of Geneva and the Hochschule für bildende Künste of Hamburg, she completes her training as a movie director with a Master in art history. Member of the Swiss Institute of Rome since 2006, she has so far worked as a curator (Forde, Geneva, 2002-04, "Wunder Stanza" Zorro & Bernardo), editor ( "Décorum, 2005 - 07) and artist (festival Rifrazioni, Nettuno, 2007-08). As from 2008, she will be researcher in residence at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht.

Sara Dominguez-Carlucci


Born in 1977, coming from an Italo-spanish migratory blend, Sara Dominguez-Carlucci studied at the Graduate Institute of International Relations, in Geneva. She obtains a Master while crossing the world: by bicycle to Jerusalem, on foot to Santiago of Compostella or by bus to India. Her travels and encounters have enabled her to learn Hebrew and Arabic, while sharpening a peculiar sensibility towards a reflection about world peace. After several mandates in banking institutions, she founds World Peace Label in 2007.

Sophie Eigenmann


Born in 1977, Sophie Eigenmann studied history, Spanish and geography in the University of Geneva. During her studies, she crosses two years abroad : in Madrid she studies literature and in Vienna Austrian social democracy during the interwar period. Since 2003, she works in cultural circles as Press agent (Théâtre du Grütli, Festival Cinéma Tous Ecrans, Festival International du Film sur les Droits Humains) and editor (Festival de Locarno). Except festivals, she alternates the job of journalist and teacher.



Noémie Etienne

Born in 1981, Noémie Etienne lives and works between Paris and Geneva. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Geneva, where she has been teaching art history (modern period, XV-XVIIIth centuries) for the last three years. Her doctoral research focuses on the history of restoration, conservation and exhibition of paintings in the second half of the eighteenth century in France. She has also participated in several exhibitions projects, including for the Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

Asuman Kardes


Born in 1977 in Ankara, Asuman Kardes lives and works in Geneva. She benefits from a cross-training: plastic artist, she graduated from the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts of Geneva, but also holds a bachelor's degree in law and continues her studies in view to obtain a Master. Moreover she has also directed several multimedia projects and worked for ARTE.


carre Laura Lavorato

Born in Cosenza in 1979 L.L. obtained a Ma. Degree in Law from Florence University and being awarded a scholarship from the Regional government of Tuscany she subsequentely continued her postgraduate studies with a research thesis on EU anti- discimination policies. Her main focus are immigration, intercultural studies, and social inclusion. Awarded again a scholarship from Tuscany in year 2006 and because of her interest  in the Mediterranean and the Middle east she most recently obtained a Master diploma in euro Mediterranean Relations. She has worked for a number of national and international organisations and lived in Spain, Morocco and France.


carre Enrico Natale

Born in 1978 in Geneva, Enrico Natale has a Bachelor degree in contemporary history and Latin. Among other things, he worked on 1920’s movies for the International Committee of the Red Cross. In 2007, he completed a Master in EuroMediterranean Studies, which lead him to Spain, Italy, France and Morocco to study contemporary questions associated with the Mediterranean. Interested in the cross-cultural issues raised by migrations, he is currently involved in several research projects between the two shores of the Mediterranean.



carre Monica Postiglione


Born in 1979 in Rome, Monica Postiglione obtained a BA degree in urban anthropology from the university of Rome La Sapienza where she is now a PhD candidate in Urban studies. Being awarded a scholarship from her university in 2005-2006, she obtained the MSc at the London school of Economics in "Cities, Space and Society". Her main focuses are social, institutional and spatial changes which are transforming urban realities, with a particular attention to the ones related to globalizazion and migration processes.


carre Demis Quadri


Born in 1978 in Locarno, Demis Quadri obtains a degree in Italian Language and Literature, Roman Philology and Ethnoloy in 2004 at the University of Fribourg (CH) with a thesis on the Jesuit Daniello Bartoli. Since 2004 he is member of the Cultural Commission Elisarion and during 2006-07 of the Swiss Institute of Rome. Member of the team of the Department of Theatre Studies in Bern since 2005 within a research on Commedia dell'arte, during the Roman stay he begins an activity as translator (among other things, of the novels of Marie-Jeanne Urech) and as creative (for example by collaborating with Zorro & Bernardo in the project "The Ass & the Lion", 2008).


carre Maddalena Sanchietti


Born in 1980, Maddalena Sanchietti has a degree in modern literature, a degree in historical and religious studies and specialised in organizing cultural events. She is very interested in creating and coordinating projects made to spread cultural values in Italy and in other countries. In 2007 she created a project aimed to spread through Italian Cultural Institute of Ministry of Foreign Affairs exhibitions before realized in Rome by Rome’s Municipality. A lot of exhibitions have been exposed abroad and the project is now in progress.





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