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Have participated the following artists :


festival off

carte Beat Lippert (CH) / artiste

La colonne en voyage



carteDavide Cascio (CH) / artist


carte Elia Garau (IT) / artist


carte Michael Hofer (CH) / artist

Panoramic installation in a studio of the Istituto Svizzero di Roma.


carte Angela Marzullo (CH/IT) / artist

Video, petit traité pédagogique


carte Peter Müller (DE) / artist

Presentation of an extract of his cinematographic research « The Lin Effect », from July 3 to 13.


carte Shahryar Nashat (CH) / artist

Projetion of three videos inspired by his journey in the ISR during 2003/04 in relation with the city of Rome and his reprensation of it: « Italian Studies » (2004), « Optimism » (2003), « Hide And Seek » (2005).


carte Romolo Ottaviani & the collectif Stalker (IT) / artists & architects

Exhibition at the British School between July 3 and 13.


carte Hinrich Sachs (DE) / artists & theoricians (gender studies)

Performance about the English « Grand tourist » figure. Intervention in public space on July 4.


carte Sylvie Rodriguez (CH/ES) / artist

Balade, 5 tracks of italian texts that should be listened on the terrasse of the Swiss Institute or in S.T bar.

carte Paola Salerno (IT/FR)


carte Andy Storchenegger (CH) /artist

Sponsor a child, 30’’, 2008, anglais

installation on the terrasse of the dependance of the Swiss Institute.


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