Valérie Jouve

Valérie Jouve is a French contemporary art photographer. As an anthropologist, she approaches photography as a mean to complement her studies. From her academic background, she adopted a sociological posture and questions habits by drifting restlessly through the streets. Associating urban landscapes with portraits of individuals in movement, her photographs are first mentally constructed. She explains: “choosing people in correlation with ideas, what they are physically and their personality.” By staging moments from “acted” or “performed” images, she decrypts our society and its daily theatrical aspects. Her photographs, that are primarily contemporary art pieces, also belong to domains such as anthropology, sociology and representation of today’s world. She has exhibited her images since 1995, notably in the Anne de Villepoix gallery. In September 2006, she showed them at Xippas Gallery in Paris. As a Filmmaker she directed her first film in 2004, Grand Littoral (awarded in the Marseille documentary film festival) then in 2006, Le temps travaille and Time is working Around Rotterdam. Since 2008, she lives and works in Jerusalem in the Arab quarter of the capital. Her work currently focuses on this city and that pat of the world.

Small Resistances in Music

This slide show will be an editing of images from Palestine to call other places. How does Palestine leads us to think our world, and how does it find an echo in this "new world order"? It is not through topicality or through description that the images are carrying this identity, but, together with the Oud Wissam Murad, they ring, trying to find the tone, the gesture of a resistance to contend with this new world .Thus, it truely is a conversation between two artists who seek, with different tools, to perpetuate the poetic dimension of our lives eroded by this authoritarian "order".


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