Ramzi Hazboun

Ramzi Hazboun graduated from Birzeit University with a Bachelors degree in radio & television broadcasting and then he decided to follow his passion and ambition to become a filmmaker. For four years he presented different film and media projects with several emerging filmmakers. He is also a free lancer with different production companies and institutions, such as Dar films, Idioms film, Zan studio, the Franco Dragone entertainment group and more. He undertakes projects related to production management, lighting, editing and directing.


Interviewing different people from the town of La Louviere in Belgium, asking them about their dreams. Each of these dreams will be translated into visuals with my vision as a Palestinian, and moreover, as a human being, around the town of La Louviere. The idea is to link universal human values with different ways of living that have to deal with different problems. The idea of this film was born because I do not remember my night dreams since the age of five and I am always curious of knowing others’ dreams.

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