Omaya Salman

Omaya Salman is a Palestinian artist born in Brazil in 1987. She Graduated from the Aziz Shaheen School (SAT) and is currently a student at the International Academy of Art, Palestine. Her work has already been shown in several exhibitions in Norway, the UK and Palestine. Her recent work functions as visual conversations about the ways in which individuals can develop and implement a personal ethic or ideology within the broader socio-political constructs of a consumer society. It functions like meditations on singular moments of individual contention in the formation of cultural identities. Techniques of narrative, pattern and perspective provide a way in to a subjective engagement with the ideological questions embedded in her works. Places she stalks become a visual playground to explore the politics of taste, class, and art.

Is it Escaping

The story began in 1948, when most of the Palestinians were displaced to another country. They received another nationality, which meant another identity, by holding a second passport. At the same time, most of the people who had the Palestinian passport tried to obtain another one. Is it Escaping is an installation containing many copies of the Palestinian passport and on the other side, copies of another passport attached to one another resulting in a big rectangle, exposed in front of a fan so they will move up and down allowing the viewer to see the the passport which is on the other side.


A peace agreement is, for me as a Palestinian, like a bubble. Each one holds a hope but in the end it bursts. This work pays homage to one of the actions that John Lennon and Yoko Ono carried out in 1969, immediately after they were married. Their week long bed-ins for peace, staged first in Amsterdam, then in Montreal, were expressions of non-violent protest against war. I want to talk about the peace agreement, which became a part of our life as Palestinians. Each peace conference results in a peace agreement, a new hope, but in the end nothing is applied. In this performance, I will be in bed with my partner and we’ll discuss peace in our country. Without talking we’ll wash all the peace agreements with water until the ink disappears and mix them with soap to blow them up into the air as bubbles.

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