Olav Westphalen

Olav Westphalen is a German-American artist whose conceptual ploys frequently take the form of games, entertainment or cartoons. His work aims at exposing the cultural blind spots of his own tribe. He plays both sides of the HI-LO divide, producing mass-media, comedy and cartoons while exhibiting in museums and galleries such as The Whitney Museum, ICA London, The Swiss Institute, New-York, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Brandenburgischer Kunstverein, Museum Fridericianum and others. His work is collected by the Dallas Museum, Centre Pompidou, Moderna Museet, MoMA, New York etc. His Books include: Helden und Geschichten, Carlsen, 2009; Ü, with Dan Graham, OCA, 2009; 24 Artworks, Shelf, 2010.

News Room

Participants meet every morning and scan current news items. In a conference setting, they decide which items are going to be covered. They then proceed to stage or re-stage the news images using their own bodies and whatever props or materials are easily at hand. Once a news image has been enacted or re-enacted, as an improvised “tableau-vivant”, it is drawn or painted using optical mechanisms such as the camera lucida and the camera obscura. At the end of the day, the images produced are presented in a cheaply produced Xerox-publication or as an exhibition.

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