Noor Abed

Noor Abed was born in 1988 in Palestine. In 2009, she graduated from Birzeit University with a degree in Marketing. She is currently studying at the International Academy of Art – Palestine. Her artwork focuses on Woman, in a world that attacks her values, energy, and spirit, focusing on her role in society and the way society treats her. Even though she uses mediums like installations and painting, she thinks her body remains the best medium of art. She also did some performances representing the woman.

Wedding Dress with a Long Tail

This performance-artwork, will be shown in Ramallah. I will stand motionless in the streets of Ramallah wearing a wedding dress with a long tail (46 meters); allowing the people to interact with the dress and its tail. Wedding dresses with a tail remind me of animals. The word “tail” is extremely offensive and degrading, and the position of the tail on the wedding dress only confirms that point. The 46-meter tail of the wedding dress was exaggerated as a means of criticism, and its presence on the street makes it lose its value. The dress weakens the movement and becomes a symbol of how women are seen and their role in this society. A documentary video of the performance will be shown through a projector placed above the wedding dress.

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