Mueen Hassuneh

Mueen Hassuneh is a Palestinian artist born in Gaza in 1974. He served as a member of the Technical Committee of drawings and designs for books and the Palestinian curriculum. He also worked as a teacher in a number of Palestinian schools, and in the Community College of Ramallah. He is the Secretary of the Association of Palestinians Artists, and is currently a lecturer within the Fine Arts Department of Al-Quds University. He participated in many collective art exhibitions and auctions in Nablus, Ramallah, Jerusalem and Bethlehem as well as in Arab and Western countries.

Acrylic painting on canvas, Untitled

This artwork is about those vague moments that I go through like the majority of the people in my country. These moments when you feel the looks of people around you, that silent dialogue where questions are asked, with no answer, silent mouths, a moment when eyes do the talking, and you have no answer for those strange faces around you. You don’t know if they are questioning you or reassuring you, or accusing you, while your eyes are looking for the truth somewhere. Sit on this chair facing them as they all look at you and wait for the answer.

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