Liv Strand

Liv Strand is an artist born in 1971 who lives and works in Stockholm (SE). Her artistic practice focuses on spatial issues. Space as situation: a place where people interact for different reasons with different purposes. Form and re-form, as a mean of thinking about definition, is part of her artistic act. In large-scale installations she combines symbols and shapes such as, for example, tents and banners. These installations often contain a timeline in the sense that one strategy of spatial narration is moving parts (mechanical) and sound. Her artistic work also focuses on live representations with an audience positioned as viewer or participant. In her work, she explores staging performances mixed with reading aloud within a theatrical structure. Part of this interest comes from the field of rhetoric and part of it from an activated field of communication in relation to “radical negativity”.

Quicksand under-standing frontier

This installation focuses on mechanisms of the formation of the Nation-State and the construction of belonging. The work presents condensed knowledge structured as an abstract landscape. One driving force underlying the work is to find out if something can be understood through form, via the perception of bodies, as a sideline to text-based knowledge. The work consists of three parts: the first part is an illuminated line that draws out an area on the floor. This area changes in relation to the movements of the visitor in space, who is met and confronted by the illuminated line. The second part is a perforated piece of paper that moves up and down a bunch of steel wires – like stiff grass – and makes a sound, formed after a quote by Osip Mandelstam. The third part, named Census, is a sculpture presented at eye level, in order to be read. It refers to the concept and practice of “statistics”.

Departing from Armenia

This reading performance integrates a published text that is the collaborative part of an ongoing artistic project born out of a research journey in Armenia undertaken by Unni Gjertsen and Liv Strand in 2009. The written dialogue contains some wildly digressive associations, traces of places and people. It evolves around the unstable; change, re-shaping and new formations, and so will the performance. It will play on the difference between what is written and the voice, staying close to the border where the risk of falling out of character is constantly present. Photo projections will also be part of the performance.

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