Klat is a group of artists active in Geneva (CH) since 1997. For the past thirteen years, we have been involved both in the underground art scene in Geneva and in the field of contemporary art. We always played a role as curators and produced many events in parallel to our artistic production. We have also run several independent or underground art spaces: Forde (1998-1999), The Shark (2006 - 2008), and since 2009, the Broom Social Club. Our artwork has always been “site specific”, created in reaction to a context, a moment and a place.

Listen to the Stones

Klat will tour Palestine and Israel as the Stoners, creating small cairns in different locations and bringing some stones back to Jerusalem in order to build a bigger cairn. Our idea is to work with the oldest citizens of the area: the stones. We shall show that they can be assembled to raise a building wherever they come from (Jewish, Muslim or Christian neighborhoods, Israel or Palestine) and set up a fake ruin in a city where ruins are politically and religiously instrumentalized. A public event will then be organized around the cairn in Jerusalem.

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