Hasan Daraghmeh

Hasan Daraghmeh was born in Palestine in 1983. In 2006 he graduated with a B.A. in Media and Political Science at Birzeit University. He is presently studying at the International Academy of Art – PACA, Contemporary Art.

(The Sea)

Like any human being on this earth, I have the right to move freely from place to place; but as a Palestinian, carrying Palestinian identity, and in the presence of the Israeli occupation, my movement is very restricted and I am deprived of access to a lot of places in Palestine, such as The Sea. (The Sea) is a short film (4 minutes, 23 seconds), which deals with the case of a young Palestinian waiting at the bus stop to reach the sea. But the question is: will he succeed in reaching the sea with the political conditions of the Palestinian people under occupation?

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