Gilda Bouchat

Gilda Bouchat is currently finishing her PhD in philosophy at Lausanne University (CH), where she works as an assistant-researcher, and Paris, Sorbonne (FR). She studied philosophy, aesthetics and art history in Lausanne, Vienna and Paris. In collaboration with Noémie Etienne she directed an interdisciplinary Seminar at Geneva University. Her research particularly focuses on the political implications of Fine Arts, the power of images, the links between language and images, as well as the theological presupposition of metaphysics.

Language and Exile

In the extreme destitution related to the situation of exile, what does the human experience of dispossessing the mother tongue mean? To be dispossessed not only from a place to stay, a native land, friends, family, habits, working tools and a position in society, but also from one’s language or even one’s name. This contribution aims at describing this extreme human condition through the works of writers and poets, Palestinian and Jew, to show what can bring human beings together, more than what separates and opposes them. Poetry is not only “leisure” for “intellectuals”, but an essential part of what defines the human being, which also embodies a decisive political dimension. This reflection shows how obsolete the concept of Nation-State is nowadays and how new forms of totalitarianism can take place when History is forgotten.

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