Fabiana de Barros

Fabiana de Barros is a Swiss-Brazilian artist, who works and lives in Geneva (CH) and Sao Paulo (BR). Her work focuses mainly on travel, urbanism, interrelations and interactivity. She likes to create contexts or social sculptures in which people meet and participate, like Aller-Re/Tour, a travel agency, and AUTO PSi, a taxi ride, where she accompanies her public into an artistic experiment. The Fiteiro Cultural, one of her masterpieces, reflects her wish to create a contextual art. The artist is also active as Millagrosa Vella on Second Life, where she rents some land and invites other artists to produce artworks and as FABMIC for her production with Michel Favre.

Fiteiro Cultural

The Fiteiro Cultural or Cultural Kiosk is a public and contextual artwork devoted to all forms of cultures and communities. As a « social sculpture » it can be transformed into a workshop, a public or more intimate space, according to its users. It has already been built in many cities in Brazil, Greece, Armenia, Switzerland, Cuba, USA, France, Italy, Portugal, etc. For Eternal Tour in Jerusalem, except for one wooden middle board, only the Kiosk’s frame shall be kept. Nothing can be hidden. Like an open-air table, it invites people to gather and meet around the board.

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