Emmanuel DuPasquier

What’s your name? Paxon. What? Emmanuel DuPasquier. I beg your pardon? Paxon!!! It means “package” (Pasquier–package–Paxon…). Well, and what are you doing? A paxon of thingummies. I am moving ahead in between “s” and zigzags. Music, music, theater, a bit of theology, sculpture, decoration, performance, comedy, for adults, teenagers, children, crafts, constructions, buildings, technical structures, … Strolling troubadour, outsider, eccentricity, triviality. Your last important project? Flies, bees and butterfly watching: the existence of butterflies is not only about landscape gardener politics. Where? In Frozen Stone, in the forest, where I actually live. And then? On a bike, a bus, a train, with three companions, Donatella, Beat and Rudy. Encounters on the way, and then to bear witness in Jerusalem and Ramallah. Towards? Meaning, faces, love, life. All that? Thirty days, thirty sheets of paper, folded, cut and annotated. Don’t understand so well! Mashrabiyah in paper. It’s not in the program! But I think beyond the program: -). By the way, I am used to giving some unpredictable concerts…

Eternal Bike Tour

Thirty days on the road: by bicycle, bus and train. Leaving Geneva in direction of Sarajevo on November 5th and aiming to reach Jerusalem one month later, in order to attend the Eternal Tour festival 2010. Every day we shall ask a person we meet on the road to read or recite a text from the Bible, the Quran or the Torah, or from other religious sources related to the three monotheisms: Christianity, Islam and Judaism in Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Palestine (West Bank) and Jerusalem. The trip will be recorded: sounds and images, videos, photographs and sculptures. This material, collected from “West” to “East” will first be shown during the festival as rough material and will later be edited for further venues as a multimedia installation.

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