Emanuel Almborg

Emanuel Almborg is an artist based in Stockholm (SE) who works mainly with video, film and photography. His practice is situated at the periphery of documentary strategies and frequently finds its starting point in historical or found material. His work process tries to explore the methodical potentials of “silence” or “absence” as well as their political implications. He seeks to imagine new forms of subjectivity and inter-subjective relations through experimenting fictional and factual constructs. Recently, his work focused on investigating the relationship between community and communication. His recent group and solo exhibitions include: Who Wants to Act Now, or Even See Acting, Depo, Istanbul, Muro Gallery/50JPG triennial, Geneva and Runaway Train, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm. (www.sakerna.se/emanuel)

The Rest Is Silence

 This project explores the relationship between community and communication. The first part of the project was a publication about an experimental building project that took place in East London in the late 1970s. This experiment was an attempt to construct new forms of collective creativity by temporarily suspending language. This project inspired Almborg to stage a similar experiment but in a very different context, on a small deserted island outside Gotland (SE). During ten days a group of twelve participants lived on the island in complete silence. Together they were engaged in the task of building a wooden structure without any plan or blueprint and with a restricted amount of basic materials and tools. They could build and work together in whatever way they wanted as long as they did so collaboratively and without using language. The basic question of this project was the following: If language is so central to the human community what happens if we temporarily suspend it? How do we relate to each other? Do we find new ways of communicating or do we accept the silence? The project will result in a film and a publication.

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