Donatella Bernardi

Donatella Bernardi was born in Geneva (CH) in 1976. She lives and works in Geneva and Stockholm (SE) where she is professor at the Royal Institute of Art (Kungliga Konsthögskolan). Within the broad range of her practise, which includes artworks, publishing, filmmaking and curating, her interests remain consistent, whether addressing gender inequality, colonialism, racial prejudice or the imbalance of capitalism. She aspires to examine the past as a tool for understanding the present. History, tradition, class and in particular the deeply rooted patterns of power constitute the main subjects of her research. Since 2007, she is a founding member of Eternal Tour association.

Eternal Bike Tour

Thirty days on the road: by bicycle, bus and train. Leaving Geneva in direction of Sarajevo on November 5th and aiming to reach Jerusalem one month later, in order to attend the Eternal Tour festival 2010. Every day we shall ask a person we meet on the road to read or recite a text from the Bible, the Quran or the Torah, or from other religious sources related to the three monotheisms: Christianity, Islam and Judaism in Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Palestine (West Bank) and Jerusalem. The trip will be recorded: sounds and images, videos, photographs and sculptures. This material, collected from “West” to “East” will first be shown during the festival as rough material and will later be edited for further venues as a multimedia installation.

Knowledge table

A research project is generally, in a classical sense, a project, which tends to verify hypotheses by experience and experimentation. Eternal Tour defines itself as a research project that continuously evolves with experience, bringing together artists and academics. However, what are the different forms of knowledge today? Where and how is contemporary thought produced? Should it necessarily be translated in words? Can it be expressed by the body or by movement? In a roundtable inviting the public and all the participants of Eternal Tour, Donatella Bernardi, Noémie Etienne and Nadia Radwan propose a reflection on knowledge production and its involvement, as well as on the methodological fundaments of Eternal Tour during its 2010 edition in Jerusalem and Ramallah.

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