Denis Schuler

Denis Schuler is a composer and musician born in Geneva (CH). He studied drums and percussion at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneva as well as composition with Nicolas Bolens, Eric Gaudibert, Michael Jarrell and Emanuel Nunes. His compositions have been commissioned and performed by the Orchestre de Chambre de Genève and ensembles such as Tetraflûtes, Nederland Kamerkoor, Le Concert Impromptu, the quatuor Bela and the Ensemble Vortex. In addition, he performs as an actual drummer and percussionist with Fantazio and The Ghost Dance in Paris. He is also artistic director and programmer for the Fondation Suisse in Paris and the Festival Eternal Tour. He will be a member of the Swiss Institute in Rome from 2010 through 2011.

Hay que caminar

The last composition of Luigi Nono, written in 1989, Hay que caminar soñando, proposes a musical stroll which leads two violinists into various spaces throughout the work. Deliberately disturbing the order, which establishes a strictly fixed relationship between the stage and the public, the composer invites the audience to experiment the act of listening while in movement. Through the perception of different instrument qualities in diverse places and with different acoustics, the movement of listening itself operates on the public. The spectator can build his own story, intimately connected to space, by working on difference and contextualization. It is a way of underlining that the interpretation of an event is necessarily related to the place from which one perceives it.

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