Boutheyna Bouslama

Boutheyna Bouslama is an artist and filmmaker, born in Paris (FR) in 1982 to Tunisian parents. She grew up in the Middle East and the Gulf and lives and works in Geneva (CH). Her work is based on writing and the visual forms she gives to her texts, mostly narrative and auto-fictional. She often performs in her videos and installations and develops stories that deal with her concerns as an Arab-woman-artist-expatriate. She focuses on disseminating her work in spaces that are not dedicated to contemporary art and “infiltrates” her “art” in everyday life spaces.

Baeed Annak (Far Away)

A series of interviews based on a simple question: “Is there anything you would like to say to people in Palestine knowing that this video will be shown there?” The people I interviewed are all somehow connected emotionally, politically or artistically to the conflict (artists, photographers, activists…). Through their answers, I am trying to highlight the different ways of approaching and thinking about the Palestinian issue, which is an important part of our culture.

Bonus : Jawaz adam essafar (A non-passing port)

The artist, unable to reach the exhibit in Jerusalem because of her Tunisian passport, which is also a major source of problems in Europe where she presently lives, decided to use a false passport as a graphic support to disseminate a short text in a country where, very ironically and cruelly, the Palestinian passport is an object that does not exist.

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