Alice Bombardier

Alice Bombardier is currently studying sociology and art history at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris (FR), and at Geneva University (CH). Her thesis deals with the issues of Iranian painting in the 20th century. Invited to the First International Fadjr Festival of Fine Arts held in 2009 at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Alice Bombardier analyzed the iconography of European and Iranian war painting. At the conference “Thirty years on: the social and cultural impacts of the Iranian Revolution” (SOAS, London, 2009), she presented the new trends of Iranian war painting.

Mural Paintings in the Middle East: Cross-analysis between Tehran and Jerusalem

The movement of Iranian mural painting, developed since the 1979 Revolution, has undergone significant changes during the past years. Previous to these transformations, particular scenarios appear more related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and not only within the Iran-Iraq War. In this lecture I will examine the issues of artistic “spatialization” in the Middle East, by retracing the steps and context inherent to the plastic construction of space, then by examining the renegotiation of the mural paintings developed as “palimpsests” on the city walls of Iran. In Jerusalem, one can notice the use of the same artistic and spatial strategies in an attempt to pacify and unify the territory.

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